Visit to Brankovina

  • Category : Development
  • Location : Brankovina
  • Date : August 23, 2017

Raspberry Days Brankovina

Representatives of the NGO SALVOS attended the Raspberry Day, which is solemnly held in Brankovina. The presence of guests was great. Representatives of SALVOS had meetings and conversations with the locals of Brankovina as well as with the locals from the surrounding villages. One of the main topics was also one of the goals of the NGO SSALVOS - the development of rural areas and the stay of young people in the countryside, as well as how to help and must help the elderly and infirm. At the same time, representatives of the NGO SALVOS visited the medical village that participated and gave its contribution to this event. Also, in conversation with them, we had a couple of interesting topics and we presented how remote and less developed rural savings should be treated. But we will talk about it in more detail with the authorities, because a project is underway to help one village in the form of building a village ambulance.